Human Resources 

Our firm’s recruitment process is based on “equal opportunities” and is conducted according to the criteria in our Human Resources Regulation. Applications are evaluated by our human resources department first, based on the position in which the application is applied, the education and experience of the applicant. And positive applicants are subject to the following processes.

In addition to making a “General Application” to our company, the same form can be applied for the staff we need in certain functions. While evaluating the candidates, the department, duty field and title preference sections stated in the application form are taken into consideration. As our Human Resources Group acts in accordance with your preferences, it is in the best interest of the candidate to carefully fill all the fields of preferences in the application form.

 Human Resource Regulations 

We comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding working life,

  • In our company, we apply all obligations required by the labor law No. 4857 and the relevant regulations while considering the rights and interests of our employees.
  • We are keeping a close eye on all the innovations introduced by business law and implement them in our company.
  • Employees’ wages, compensation, leave, social rights and payments are duly and seriously monitored in accordance with the law.

We ensure that the personal rights of our employees are fully and correctly used,

  • We provide our employees with the rights they will have as a result of their duties and responsibilities.
  • We organize the rights of our employees, taking into account the level of their education, professional experience and performance.
  • The assaignments, promotions, retirement and all the personal operations involving our employees are carried out in a precise monitoring of personal affairs.

Honest and fair treament to our employees,

  • We find a competent human resource with the consept of “The Right Person for the Right Job”, in addition to this we identify our successful employees and upgrading them to the appropriate departments.
  • With all the work we carry out, we act on the principle of establishing employer-employee balance.
  • Our relationships with our employees are maintained in a fair, mutual trust and respect.

We provide a safe and healthy working environment,

  • Our company aims to maximize personal safety by monitoring the health of employees and taking measures to ensure their safety.
  • We keep the occupational health and safety information of our employees alive through regular training seminars.
  • From production to management, we provide a reliable environment by setting the best working conditions in all departments.

We provide the internal and external training required for our employees’ personal development,

  • We offer a wide range of training opportunities to our employees and aim to make them expert in the relevant business areas through training programs.
  • We work and learn through learning organization concept by recruiting young talents.
  • We are helping our new colleagues in orientation and speeding up the orientation period for our company.
  • We care about the ideas of our employees, listen to them and make all the necessary contributions to their career path.